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Autumn is starting to arrive the days are getting shorter and colder, but there is still a lot we can do in the garden we have a wide selection of plants giving colour through their foliage for Autumn/Winter.
Plants to look out for still showing good foliage are:
Heathers, Galliardia, Perennial Antirrhinum, Helianthus, Anemones, Lynchis, Helleniums, Fuchsia, Perennial Salvia, Roses, Rhodanthemum, Sedum, Echinacea, Rudbeckia, Crosomia, Hydrangea, Lavendars,.
Plants with fantastic foliage
Euonymus, Hebes, Nandina, Prunus Ornamental Cherry, Photinia Pink Crispy, Coprosoma, Conifers.
The Summer Bedding Plants are still looking well and to keep them going as long as possible continue to dead head and cut back a little if required, plants which are in containers or baskets continue to feed and water, using a High Potash feed. The Autumn bedding has now started to arrive Pansies, Violas, Trailing Pansies, Ivy and cyclamen. Autumn Mums, Kale and Wallflower will be available shortly. If you want to do a Winter Basket any of the low growing evergreen shrubs can be used in the middle of the basket and surrounding it with autumn colour.
Lawns - It is not too late to use a Summer Lawn Feed. It is now time to change to an Autumn Lawn Feed to promote winter hardiness and strong roots. A well fed thick lawn will look better and will help against moss and weeds better. A new product from a local company Westland called Westland Moss Master can be applied to the lawn at any time of the year it adjusts the PH of your lawn creating the condition that moss dislikes. It improves soil microbe activity and reduces water logging. This product is safe for children, pets and wildlife.
Spring Flowering Bulbs - Daffodils, Tulips Snowdrops etc are now available. Add some horticultural grit into the bottom of the planting hole to help with drainage. Plant the bulb twice the depth of the bulb down (i.e. 1" bulb should be planted 2" down). Plant bulbs in a pot which can be moved to anywhere in the garden and removed later when the bulbs have finished flowering, allow the foliage to die down before removing.
Hyacinths for Christmas (prepared) These have had a special cooling treatment and will flower for Christmas. These should be planted now in bulb fibre and watered well and placed in a cool dark place (not the airing cupboard). Bring into the light and moderate heat in November and the Hyacinths will flower for Christmas. Hyacinths can be planted in individual pots allowing you to choose 3 bulbs which are at the same height to flower at the same time. Once flowered remove and replace with another 3 bulbs.
Onion Sets and Shallots are now available for Spring Harvest. Before planting remove all weeds and incorporate Westland Farmyard Manure or Westland Soil Conditioner and Growmore or Chicken Pellets. Plant 3cm deep 12cm apart and 30cm between rows. Because the ground is warm they will establish quicker.
We hope you find this bulletin helpful and have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. If you do not wish to receive it any more please e mail back.
From the team at Inver Garden Centre. 4 Browndod Road, Larne


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