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Plant of the Moment
Hellebores – Evergreen Beautiful Foliage, flowers from December to April. Height *& spread 60cm.  Very Hardy and we have a collection of different varieties in stock.   They are suitable for sun or shade use Westland Rose Tree & Shrub compost when planting.
Other interesting plants which have arrived are Erysium Bowles  Mauve – everlasting Wallflower – Evergreen and Hardy, mauve flowers blooms virtually all year.    Hebe Pink Pixie – hardy evergreen height 60cm pink flowers summer.   Hebe Purple Pixie same as Pink Pixie but purple flowers.
Heathers are great for Winter colour some varieties are in colour now in a range of colours.  Height between 30cm and 60cm Flowers November to March.   Cut back after flowering to stimulate new growth.  
Late Winter Lawn Care – to improve the colour of your lawn apply a lawn fertiliser to green it up.  As it is early the product will be slow to work, but as the weeks go by you will see an improvement.  Westland Aftercut Lawn Thickener for Westland New Safe lawn.  Do not apply any moss killer or weed killer to the lawn until April.
Last year we have a new product called Westland Lawn Master.  Feedback from customers was very positive.   Lawn Master kills moss naturally without turning it black, so no need for raking out the dead moss.   The product decomposes the moss into a natural plant food which starts to feed the lawn over a prolonged period.   Start using this product from April.
Grow your own Potatoes.  We have a large selection of different seed potatoes in the Centre.  Seed potatoes can be planted in the ground from about mid March.  Choosing your potatoes now means you get a good choice and you can start by “Chitting” them.   This means standing the potatoes on end in a tray to encourage them to start strong shoots to appear.  
Onion sets & Shallots & Garlic -  These are also available now again start them off in small pots in a cold frame, glasshouse, conservatory or a window ledge ready for planting outside when the weather improves.
Summer Flowering Bulbs  -  Gladioli, Begonias, Dahlias, Lilies and Nerines are now available.  Plant in pots and keep in the glass house, conservatory or window ledge ready to plant out when the weather improves.
Green Paths & Patios – At this time these can be very dangerous and slippery use Westland Hero which kills the moss and algae and give protection up to 9 months.


Seed Sowing – All our new seasons’ seeds are now on display for vegetables and flowers.  It is too early to plant outside but seeds can be sown and kept in glasshouses or a cold frame.
If you have not sown seeds before and would like more information call into the centre or we will b e demonstrating how to sow seeds at the next Garden Club on Monday 26th February from 7.30pm, all welcome.
BONSAI WEEK END –Charlotte our Bonsai Consultant will be in the Centre on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th March from 10.00am to 4.00pm.  If you enjoy  Bonsai and would like a Free health check or need information on growing these beautiful little trees call into the Centre.
Over the next number of weeks we will be bringing into the centre many new plants.
As always if you do not wish to receive this bulletin please e mail me back.
Good Gardening
John Shannon.


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