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Welcome to Inver Garden Centre

The garden Centre is owned and run by John & Norma Shannon.
John started a garden centre and nursery on Casements Brae in Larne. In the Mid-eighties the Garden Centre was too small, and a new site was needed. The Centre moved to a purpose built site in 1987 at Millbrook and focuses on gardening with a traditional and friendly professional atmosphere.We aim to be at the top of our game, with excellent knowledge and expertise.

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"PRUNUS KOJO NO MAI(left)large beautiful flowers in the Spring leaves appear later,
"PRUNUS" KOJO NO MAI (right)leaves change to magnificent bright red in Autumn Winter.


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Evergreen Beautiful Foliage, flowers from December to April.
Height & spread 60cm.  Very Hardy and we have a collection of different varieties in stock.
They are suitable for sun or shade.


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* Different Varieties of Camellia’s (left)
Well budded early flowering Evergreen

Large Variety of Heathers (right)
Evergreen all year round Lovely Ground Cover.
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Roses 2017
Roses 2019 seasons large variety in stock, Fragrant & Disease Resistant plus a selection of Celebration Roses for that special person or occasion. Flowers from early June to first frosts.

Tip of the Month

You can sow seeds now if you have a gentle heat. It is too soon to put seeds outside.

Seed Potatoes Shallots Onion Sets & Garlic Are now in the shop. Summer bulbs are also available

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National Garden Gift Vouchers
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