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* Houseplants
There is nothing better for brightening up an indoor environment than a Houseplant. Some thrive in damp bathrooms, others need a sunny spot, so make sure you choose a houseplant that will tolerate the conditions in which it is to grow.

Our staff at the Garden Centre can give you help and advice on the best choice.

Overwatering can be as dangerous as Underwatering. The roots not only require moisture but also air, so overwatering leads to the forcible removal of air from the potting compost so the houseplant's roots are killed by suffocation.

Avoid keeping houseplants on a window sill, at night the temperature will drop and the window is very cold, especially if you draw the curtains leaving the houseplant on the window sill.

Houseplants normally require re-potting every other year. The pot size should be increased by 3-5cm each time, use a good quality houseplant compost.
Hints & Tips for caring for your house plants
Good light conditions, Greenhouse / Conservatory 6-10C(42-50F)
Water throroughly once a week during April - September.
NO WATER in Winter, except in a centrally heated room, once a month.
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